Quartz Countertops
Quartz Countertops
Quartz Countertops
Quartz Countertops

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Quartz Countertops

Caesarstone is often held as the original and best quartz surface manufacturer for counter tops. Caesarstone quartz countertops are the ultimate combination of nature and technology, utilizing beautiful, natural quartz crystals and built with the finest craftmanship possible.

Silestone Countertops

Silestone has often been regarded as the worlds leading producer of quartz surfaces for quality kitchen and bathroom counter tops. Silestone offers beautiful, natural, durable quartz counter tops, and is the first and only quartz counter top manufacturer to offer unique counter top features such as Bacteriostatic Protection. All orders are backed with a 15-year warranty.

Cambria Countertops

Cambria counter tops support a legacy as being the only family-owned and American-made quartz surface company today. With a robust selection of seven design collections and over 100 design choices, each utilizing natural stone and expert craftmanship, Cambria natural quartz counter tops bring a warmth and richness to any home.


For those homeowners and contractors who are exact and uncompromising in the aesthetic choice of their kitchen or bathroom, Zodiaq Quartz Surfaces is the ultimate choice for quartz counter tops. Zodiaq counter tops are engineered with pure quartz crystals, giving them a unique and visually striking appearance that will take your kitchen or bathroom to the next level.


Reliance quartz countertops are fun, affordable, and look terrific in any kitchen or bathroom setting. The company offers a variety of “no sticker shock” counter top designs, finished edges, and integrated sinks, bringing a beautiful granite look without burning a whole in your pocket.

MSI Countertop

Beautiful and Durable Q is naturally beautiful yet incredibly durable. Q is comprised of 93% quartz, one of nature’s hardest minerals. When tested against all other popular countertop surfaces, Quartz surfacing holds the title of number one performing countertop material. 

Your Dream Kitchen in 4 Easy Steps

1. measure

First step is to measure your kitchen. You can watch this video for instructions. If you need further help please fill out our contact form or call us at 201-426-5888

2. Free 3D Design

Kitchen Designer will discuss the various options and work on providing you a Free 3D design of your Kitchen, incorporating all the aspects that are most important to you


From traditional styling to a clean modern look; please browse our Kitchen Cabinet Selection and Learn about cabinet styles to discover which one works for you.

4. Install & Enjoy

If you don’t have an installer, We can recommend a fully licensed and insured non-affiliated installer. The work is complete and your new kitchen is all you dreamed it would be.

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