Literally, limitless styles, colors, tastes and emotions can be created and expressed here. Choose from the wide spectrum of impressive styles we already make or originate your own look with custom doors and finishes. We can help you achieve any atmosphere you want and provide all the functionality you need while solving any challenge your space presents.

You’ll find choices, options, and solutions around every corner at Touchstone. Using only the best materials, the latest technologies and the artful craftsmanship responsible for our furniture-quality cabinets, there is no kitchen we can’t build for you. Traditional or futuristic, rustic or shiny, popular or quirky—whatever you want your kitchen to be, Touchstone can help you make it so.


Oak – A durable, wear-resistant hardwood that stains well in a variety of colors. White Oak ranges in color from nearly-white to gray-brown with mostly straight grains. Red Oak is light brown, tinged with red and features a heavier, less uniform grain. Quarter Sawn Oak provides a uniform grain pattern and resists warping.

Maple – Exceptionally resistant to abrasions and wear. Features off-white to light brown hues, subdued grain and knots. Maple does not stain uniformly but accepts paint well.

Alder – A fine-textured, soft hardwood with straight grains and small knots. Color ranges from pale yellow to orange to reddish brown. Stains and distresses well.

Red Birch – The heartwood of the Yellow Birch, Red Birch is a strong, durable hardwood with a very even texture that ranges in color from medium to dark reddish brown. Accepts finishes well.

Cherry – A strong, durable hardwood of reddish brown hues and a fine texture featuring long, smooth meandering grain lines. Accepts stains well. Darkens dues to sunlight exposure.

Hickory – A very heavy, strong hardwood with extremely coarse grain, usually darker than the rest of the wood. Bird pecks, water spots and mineral streaks can be present. Color ranges from brown to reddish brown to gray. Stains well.

Walnut – A dense hardwood known for its burled or curly grain in a drastic range of colors from off-white to gray to medium brown. Walnut finishes nicely and tends to lighten over time with direct sunlight exposure. It is durable but not extremely dent-resistant.

Bamboo – Renewable and environmentally friendly. Bamboo is extremely dense, hard, and wear-resistant. Naturally light in color, it features linear grain segments connected by stalk knots.

Pine – A soft, lightweight wood with straight grain and uniform texture. Strong and durable but not as resistant to wear as hardwoods. Light in color ranging from off-white to yellow with random knots. Lends itself well to distressing and finishes beautifully with paints and stains.

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